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At our private all girls boarding school the buildings in which we all live is called the dormitory. Our building sits as the last one on the left, down a hill and off to the side. We have more privacy than most, and we are able to get away with breaking rules. We've changed the name to our particular building and dubbed it THE CUM DORM. It's been known as this name since 1998 when Trixie (our school's biggest tramp) tried to sneak boys in for sex. She got caught every time and had to settle for masturbation instead... which she did without shame, in the shared bathroom, in her shared dorm, in the kitchen etc.

Since Trixie was up to her nasty "trix" all the time, the other girls started to lose their inhibitions too. Soon all the girls were sharing vibrators, sex toys, lingerie, and occasional boyfriends. Our dorm became a place of ecstasy. One night... after a party broke up in the dorms and pretty much every had gone home, the telephone rang in the hallway. It was late and nobody was supposed to be calling at 2am, but Trixie answered anyway. She was thrilled to find out we had an obscene phone caller! All the girls surrounded her to take turns listening to a stranger beat off. And let's just say he struck a gold mine when he accidentally dialed our dorm! To make a long story short, we had one helluva lesbian orgy that night and Trixie's creative business mind went to work! She did research, put time in, made arrangements and set us up to work for a phone sex service right from the dorm. All of us worked hard to advertise and we got off even more on doing the actual calls. With 30 girls in our building we were able to have someone answering the phone all day and night.

Our little home "business" grew, but the semesters have changed, Trixie still visits us and keeps up to date on our phone sex fun, but she only shares her "trix" with her husband now. Many of the original girls have grown up and moved on. But The Cum Dorm stays alive because every autumn we recruit some new freshman (fresh meat we like to call 'em) to corrupt and join in on our dirty secret. We've even gotten some of our house monitors to join in! They are usually older horny women that end up wanting to experience the fun as well. At any given moment there are several girls available to enjoy new obscene phone calls.... we've even got a few of the exchange students doing it too! Can you see how much FUN we have at The Cum Dorm? Won't you party with us? We'll have a perfectly NASTY time and we won't tell anyone about your secret.... as long as you don't tell anyone about ours! opened in October 1999! Since then we have been recruiting sexy, nasty, kinky, horny college girls to work in our Dorm every semester! These girls love to get down and dirty on the phone, and sincerely want to make you CUM! We also have a few older mature women so we can accommodate anyone's fantasy! The dispatcher will ask if you have any special requests, just tell her if you have an age preference when you call and we'll hook you up right! These college girls are WILD - they have no taboos, no restrictions, and will talk about any nasty fantasy you can imagine!

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